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AUSTENtatious Crochet

When in the big city (Seattle) last weekend I picked up this great book Austentatious crochet. It contains a lot of perhaps unflattering, but fun patterns. On Sunday I started work on the easiest pattern in the book to get a quick start. I don’t have enough of the same yarn on hand to tackle any garments.

This little bag is called, “Letters from Mr. Right”. Apparently fancy ladies would keep precious keepsakes and love letters in a little trifold pouch. I haven’t decorated mine yet, but here’s the finished pouch.

Since I don’t receive love letters, maybe I can use it for coupons or after dinner mints.

Since Easter is just around the corner, and I have an abundance of free time outside of work, I started making some spring gloves. Think I’ll add flowers to these on the wrists- think old lady church hat adornments.

Up from the grave he rose,
With a gravy spoon up his nose.

In attempts to save us money, instead of buying groceries this week I made a lot of muffins to eat for breakfast and snacks from things on hand. Recipes adapted from Happy Herbivore which my lovely sister gave me for Christmas!

Blackberry Whole Wheat Muffins

Whole Wheat and Honey

Still working on ideas for Game of Thrones Craft a Long, so I’ll leave you with this:

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Nothing Quite So Lovely…

… as a young rhubarb leaf.


Wrinkly and Wonderful

Also, had some Game of Thrones Craft-Along Ideas…


Crochet Hairnet like Sansa wore at that one wedding….attach “special stone” or if in a pinch a button…. afraid to say too much as it would spoil it for people who haven’t read the books.

Well, I know I had more but need to remember them- will then have expanded post.

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New Blogging Resolutions

My resolution is to blog occasionally instead of seldom, having such a vague resolution will allow me to stretch my results into a success, if needed for a momentary self esteem boost.

Today was a fairly lazy Sunday, crocheted a little, did some yard work, went to the grocery store, crocheted a little more- now I’m just counting down until the season premier of Mad Men comes on! We don’t watch that many shows, and this is one of them, so we’re pretty excited. Well at least I am, Noah is currently asleep on the couch…. When I asked Noah how excited he was, he admitted he was looking forward to Game of Thrones more. I couldn’t believe it! I appear to be altering his tastes, as before I didn’t think he was into much of “that fantasy crap”. I’m thinking in the 5th season of Mad Men, Don will keep it together for a while with his new wife, and then start slipping back into his old habits- Peggy will probably notice first and they’ll have one of their bonding experiences and realize they are alike in many ways….you know what I mean- like that one night in the last season. I keep waiting for the child Peggy and Pete had to pop up and cause a big ruckus. Maybe they are holding that back in case ratings start to drop or what not.


Today this is what I was working on, nothing major, just trying new patterns out for fun. Eventually when I have enough odds and ends that look nice I plan to sew them onto a fabric purse or tote. Unless I come up with a better idea…


Edwardian Spiral and Gala Granny (I didn't pick these names)


The Edwardian Spiral was a little off on the first spoke- but I didn’t realize it until the end, and didn’t want to start completely over.


I made a scarf recently by making 15 nautical wheels and sewing them end to end.


Spring Green Scarf

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What I’ve Been Up To.

Large Hanging Jellyfish

Nautical Wheel Scarf

Fingerless Gloves

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I’ve been slacking…here’s a pretty photo!

Hiking up to Petunia Peak/Goat Lake on the Olympic Peninsula

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Green Gloves

(Now I just have that The National song stuck in my head- you know “Green Gloves”- can’t remember any of the words except green gloves though…)

ANYWAY…made just the one fingerless glove tonight. The cuff is a bit long, but I think they’re nice this way as they stay tucked into your coat.

Fingerless Green Glove

After slacking the last week I did some more work on the waves scarf today- about halfway done!

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Started working on a new scarf, it has a repeating wave pattern- not sure what I would put on the scarf yet once I’m done with the base. Here’s a photo where I attempt to show what the pattern looks like close up:


Last weekend I was in Port Angeles, my soon to be hometown! I learned that locals call it PA- so I’ll try to do that going forward. Only 30 minutes from our house is a nice park- Salt Creek. We went near low tide, but it still wasn’t low enough that day to see any really awesome tide pools. Saw a few anemones and small fish, and then lots of these…

How cool is that?

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Learning new Tricks

I used some stitch ideas from The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet to make these. I’m trying to learn the magic behind making different shapes so I can come up with cooler ideas.


Nautical Wheel

The below was based on loopy leaves, but with this bulkier acrylic yarn the leaves are too large and look silly. Maybe this idea could be used to make coral or something of that sort???



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Anemones and Starfish for Sale

Pink Starfish Brooch or Barrette

Kelp and Anemone Barrette

Check 0ut more here:



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Happy Crochet

The rest of my cat sitting weekend was spent just how it began- on the couch crocheting some and watching movies I’ve already seen dozens of time (AE 6 hour version of Pride & Prejudice). I made a few more starfish which you can see here- I can’t decide if these would look better as a brooch or a barrette.

While watching a Netflix movie left for me, The Keepers, I made this sweet heart. Not sure what if anything will be done with it, but I think it turned out pretty well. The bottom could be a bit pointier.

Lastly, I made another sea anemone barrette. This time the anemone’s are riding a smooth wave of sea foam.

Anemone and Sea Foam Barrette

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